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There are many reasons for you need a screen protector

Today there are still many people insist on their devices like smartphone, PDAs used without screen protectors. They believe that screen protector will keep away from good touch feeling of original.

But with prep development of science and technology, many screen protectors not only can protect screen well, but not effect anything of the devices, including the touch feeling. Some people especially some families with children, people ardently love outdoor sports need a excellent smartphone screen protector to bear a accident.

The purpose of a screen protector is to provide additional durability to the screen of an electronic device. PDAs and smartphone devices helped the development of screen protectors. The initial design was done in the year 1968 by Herbert Schlegel and the protector was meant for TVs. They were vulnerable but acted as a first line of defense, ever since. Screen protector have evolved from fragile entities to the most strongest as in the case of a nano screen protector. However, opinion is still devided among many people about the use of a screen protector- whether it is useful or not! There are many advantages of having a screen protector, which are explained below and emphasized the fact that screen protectors are very important.

1. Protection & endurance – As the name suggests, screen protector offers great protection to the device from damages. A plastic screen can help original screen to avoid scratches, a tempered glass can of some resistance during damages and nano protector screen can withstand heavy damages due to higher endurance surface. Based on the type the protection levels of the screen increases and they will certainly help the devices to last long.

2.Fingerprint Resistance- A smartphone or any electric device will wear out by constant use and the effect is doubled when it comes to touch screens. We can find fingerprints and smudges that spoil the appearance of the display. A screen protector can be replaced if the fingerprints become too many, but a device cannot be, Therefore, they occupy a great place is saving the display of the device.

3. Aestheticism- Although, screen protectors themselves cannot provide any beauty to the electronic device they can certainly shield the glory of a device. All the scratches, smudges, stains, fingerprints, dirt.etc. can be barred by protectors and help to maintain the look. It is needless to say that aestheticism plays a big role while trying to re-sell a gadget. Further, a matte screen protector can givea grand look to the device with the finish it offers improving the chances of getting a great deal from the customer

4.  Anti-glare- Most screen guards come with matte finish that helps in diffusing the light that falls on the screen (which creates an uncomfortable reflecton of the display). Without the screen, viewers feel it is very hard to look at the display for longer periods of time. People who use mobiles under the sun, outdoors or under bright light can reduce their eye tension with the help of screen guards. Some screen protectors can help to reflect the UV light from entering the device, this help to maintain the life of the gadget for longer periods.

5. Saving Money- If the display of a smartphone is damaged. It takes a fortune to replace it if the insurance doesn’t cover the cause. It costs less to replace the display of a low-end gadget. But what happens if an iPhone or an Xperia is damaged? The individual can buy a mid-end phone instead of repairing the display; such is the cost of replacement for these mobiles. A gorilla glass protector or a nano screen protector can protect the display to an extent that mediocre damages cannot even get to the display. As a result, one can save a lot money and can have an assurance that their device will be alright. Of course there is that little cash you will have to part with buying them but it is what they shield from breakage that brings about the cost-effective benefit.

6.Special features – There are some screen protectors that have unique features that add extra features to the roster. UV damaging to reflect UV light, privacy screen to avoid others to look into the screen, anti-bacterial properties for controlling the formation of bacteria. Etc. are few of special features that are really wonderful. However, one have to spend extra amout of money to get a screen guard with these features.

After reading the benefits of screen protectors, one can realize that they are more than just a thin film on the screen. They offer great advantages and the importance of having a protector should never be ignored. It would be a tough challenge to choose the right one, but one should understand the need of the electric device and select the one that can compliment

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